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From decisive data to data decisions.
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Each stream of data tells its story. All we do is listen with intent.

From decisive data to data decisions, smarterfaster™.

On first looks, most of the analysts would agree that data is something that appears to be in a linear relationship with business decisions. However, we at D Square Solutions would like to further this theory. Our whole gamut of data analytics products and solutions under smarterfaster™ are holistic – we believe in structuring and modeling decisive data to enable a better business decision not just to empower the corner offices but also the frontline people, where the need is more critical.

In this age of hyperactive businesses that operate across different time zones and geographies it is crucial to assess the needs for business decisions at different levels, model and structure the data needed hitherto and deliver analytic results across different platforms - a process that demands smarterfaster™ Ideas, Analyses, Decisions and Execution capabilities.

After all, it isn’t technology that is the be-all and end-all of Business Analytics – as we see it, IT is just an efficient tool that has to be designed to serve the analytical mind that will probably arrive at a business decision.