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The interplay between data streams is fascinating - one reason why we built Insightview.
Platinum sponsor for Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit 2016
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Think of us as data artists.
Platinum sponsor for Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit 2016

The interplay between data streams is fascinating – one reason why we built Insightview.

InsightView is a business intelligence and analytics product cum service, a prodice, which combines the best of world class analytics expertise, intuitive software and business consultancy services to bring to you actionable, intelligent data, smarterfaster™.

InsightView does this by collating transactional data from the various sources and customer touch points in your system, and transforms them into meaningful performance indicators and trends. Furthermore, InsightView analyses your data in ways that can help you predict, forecast, plan and optimize your business decisions in the future.

Operating at the zone where the confluence of data sciences, technology and business acumen is crucial and vital, InsightView blends all of these into a holistic package that brings out the best of business analytics at your fingertips.

InsightView starts from where you are, given what you have, today. Built on an extremely scalable architecture, it helps you optimize the ROI on your investments, should your business demand more of it in the future.

The Three C’s

With InsightView built on the smarterfaster™ philosophy, your organization can:

Comprehend - Understand your business performance today, and arrive at new insights

Collaborate - Get your team on a single page, get your entire organisation on to one platform

Conquer – Create a homogenous data-driven analytic culture and give birth to new ideas by exploiting the power of data to predict, plan & win


The validity of a strategic business decision at any given point in your business timeline hinges on precisely measuring the exact metrics of relevance and establishing a strong connect between top line business issues and organizational behavior. InsightView rolls up these metrics at the appropriate level for each business user and provides your entire organization a single set of Key Performance Indicators to look at. By providing a consistent set of views down the line, you ensure that granular decisions roll up well into your strategic decisions. After all it isn’t about how big your data is, it is about how big your decisions will be.


InsightViiew, built on the smarterfaster™ philosophy, enables real time collaboration between your functional and geographically differentiated teams, that too at the live dashboards. Users can post sticky notes, annotate and create presentations within the application while Managers from different functions, geographies and business units can exchange insights, solutions and intelligence. Thereby getting the discussions to be more data driven, directly linked to what is happening from a metrics standpoint. InsightView offers all of these features on the commonly prevalent mobile devices, enabling them to share insights in real time.


With InsightView, people on the field are empowered to take real time decisions while you are assured that they do indeed have the tools to take the right ones in line with your organizational goals and objectives – thereby rendering your organization far more proactive and agile.

Post-implementation, InsightView helps you see and discover new patterns and insights emerging which sharpen your operational strategy by the hour. As the organization as a whole begins to see measurable results, a process of continuous, data-driven innovation gets activated. And the pervasive habit of a data-driven approach to decisions gets imbibed, leveraging the inherent potential in the organization for uninhibited growth.