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The decision is bigger than the data
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The interplay between data streams is fascinating - one reason why we built Insightview.

The decision is bigger than the data.

At D Square Solutions we believe to work back to the basics. Our approach has the business decisions and the personnel who’re involved in the decision making process that matter. We structure and streamline data to meet those ends.

We build our data analytic systems ground up – we begin with your business strategy and get down right to the burrows of your transactional data emerging from different sources. We create a clear, conceptual and visual relationship between your business goals and your actual operational performance. As we believe, the data is critical, but the decisions being made should always be at the top of the pyramid.

Why smarterfaster™?

  • Democratize the decision making process itself – free it from corner offices and analyst cubicles to reach out the front end personnel
  • Avoid long drawn scenario thinking, development and deployment timelines – which directly increase hidden costs, lost opportunities and risk levels
  • It is the business decision/s need that should drive the data structuring, analytical models,  technology and the delivery vehicles – not the other way around
  • Enable a decision-driven-data-enabled work culture across the organization to innovate continuously and thereby helping the business stay ahead of the curve
  • Visualise/Use/Exploit  insights from different decision making points and time horizons – with the help of historic, on-the-button and predictive modeling techniques